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Optimize Process Stability with Digital Moulds.

What is the Customer Problem About?

When manufacturing multipurpose test sepcimens, many companies encounter the problem that they cannot measure and monitor the flow rate inline during the injection moulding process. This leads to a gap in quality monitoring and carries the risk that tensile test specimens are not produced in accordance with standards. Untrained personnel in aprticular finds it difficult to set up and monitor the process correctly.

Which Pain Points Occur in Doing So?

The standard-compliant production of tensile test specimens is crucial for the mechanical properties of plastics, which serve as the basis for mechanical component designs and strength simulations. Errors in the characteristic values can cause serious problems in the application and jeopardize the safety of an entire component design. It is therefore essential to record the manufacturing parameters with high precision in order to detect errors at an early stage.

So What Is the Solution?

The combination of Moldsonic’s innovative flow velocity measurement and Digital Moulds’ Mould Monitoring System offers a perfect solution to this problem. This offers numerous advantages:

  • Highest measuring accuracy: With 5,000 pulses per second, the flow velocity is measured extremely precisely. This enables the flow velocity to be measured with an accuracy of 2 mm/s.
  • No incluence on the process: As there is no direct contact with the melt, the component filling is not affected.
  • Central data acquisition: All measurement data is recorded centrally in the Digital Moulds unit, making it accessible and traceable at any time.

How can I visualize the solution?

Here you can see an application photo of the Digital Moulds unit combined with Moldsonics sensors.
Es ist die Fließgeschwindigkeits-Messung mittels Moldsonics und die Anbindung an die Digital Moulds Einheit zu sehen.

What Added Value Do You Get From Digital Moulds?

The cyclical recording of flow rate values via the Digital Moulds unit enables seamless traceability. Process data can be analyzed from anywhere in the world, allowing deviations to be detected and rectified immediately. This avoids expensive subsequent adjustments to data sheets or even product recalls.

In addition, by continuously ensuring process stability, you benefit from higher production quality and reliability, which ultimately increases customer satisfaction.

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