Our products -
from the conventional device to intelligent tool management

Mould Monitoring

Digital Moulds offers a smart solution for tool monitoring. The production data can be easily documented, visualised and managed, from the tool management software to mould maintenance management. The tool management software is installed by using the plug & play principle. At this point, Mould Monitoring ensures targeted inventory planning, better planning accuracy and adherence to delivery times throughout the entire supply chain.

Visualization of the hardware for the condition monitoring system

Mould Lifecycle Management

Mould Lifecycle Management helps to document and visualise the data. With MLM, all project participants have the same level of knowledge, from the initial product idea to the end of the tool´s life cycle. The tool management software helps to identify critical changes in the production process and reduce downtimes.

Mould Maintenance Management

Create checklists easily with Mould Maintenance Management. Document all changes to your tool using photos or comments in the tool management software. Benefit from a central database with all the relevant information. All employees receive the same information. Thus work together more efficiently and maintenance of injection moulds becomes a simple process.

Image of the tool management software on the smartphone