NPE Orlando 2024 - from May 06 to 10
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Booth: W7443K, Expo Hall - West Building

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Keep track of your moulds

Identify bottlenecks before they occur.
Reduce your maintenance costs by up to 40 %
Eliminating manual reporting reduces your man-days by up to 50 %.

Explore our solutions for the following industries:

Automotive, Healthcare, Consumer goods, Household appliance, Logistics & Packaging

Get a sneak peek into the Digital Moulds system, where:

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Booth: W7443K, Expo Hall – West Building

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The NPE Orlando 2024 will be held in Florida from May 6 to 10, 2023.

Would you like to join us in the digitization of injection moulds? Ensure efficient management of your tools: Sustainable. Time saving. Transparent. The Digital Moulds dashboard provides a quick and comprehensive overview of your injection moulds and process data throughout the supply chain, facilitated by optimized documentation. Explore the exclusive opportunity to learn more about Mould Lifecycle Management.

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