Mould Management –
Document every work step with
Mould Lifecycle Management

The cloud-based software solution for an overview of tool production

Mould Lifecycle Management helps to keep track of tool production and component production. For this purpose, the entire life cycle of a mould is documented and visualised transparently and centrally. Mould management thus becomes a simple and clear process.

Time- and location-independent

Access production-relevant content regardless of location thanks to our cloud-based Mould Management software.

Big data

Increase your data quality by documenting all determined values (produced quantities, location and condition) of the life cycle of your tool.

Cost savings

Save time and money with data analysis - at the push of a button - for an optimized work process.

Dr Axel Niemeyer
Head of Tool Management, BMW Group

“We don’t want any surprises in the production of our parts. The contribution of tools to security of supply is clearly transparent due to digital tool management.”

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Mould Management gives you total control

The Mould Monitoring software allows active and comprehensive control of the tool. Notifications facilitate the planning of tasks.

Keep track of all data and production steps with the right tool management. Mould Lifecycle Management provides the starting point for optimising the supply chain through seamless documentation. For this purpose, all relevant data are documented and visualised and processes can be automated with obtained data. Condition-based and predictive maintenance are also possible ways of using the data for early detection of critical changes in the production process. The use of Mould Management can thus reduce downtimes or even shutdown times and thus increase cost efficiency in the production process.

Image of Digital Moulds CEO Julian Resch
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Exploiting the potential of Mould Management with Mould Lifecycle Management

Mould Lifecycle Management serves as a Single Source of Truth (SSOT) and forms the basis for data-based decisions within a company.

By analyzing the data, costly errors such as unnecessary repair costs can be avoided. In addition, users receive optimal maintenance plans for their injection mould based on the available data.

With a mouldmaking partner, OEMs and suppliers receive detailed information on what kind of maintenance is necessary and what measures need to be taken for efficient mould management.


Full transparency over the entire tool´s life cycle


Standardised processes through predefined digital work instructions


Easier tracking in the production process through complete documentation

The most important functions in Mould Management

With the help of Mould Lifecycle Management, all relevant data is collected in one place. This database contains information such as documents, drawings and other parameters.

Thanks to a central database, the decisions of all project participants in Mould Management are based on the same data. All production steps can thus be monitored without any problems.

Mould Lifecycle Management covers all functions – from managing the mould inventory to documenting maintenance and service data.


Effortlessly manage relevant documents and tool inventory

GEO tracking

Always in sight – track your tool with our intuitive web interface

Status tracking

Complete documentation from the product idea to its retirement

Production data

Recording of production and process data with Mould Monitoring

Tool data

Documentation of maintenance and service data with Mould Maintenance Management
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Mould Management –
Completeness with Mould Lifecycle Management

With their product Mould Lifecycle Management, Digital Moulds create an excellent basis for the products Mould Monitoring and Mould Maintenance Management.

As a full-range supplier in the field of Mould Management, all relevant data in the injection moulding process is recorded and collected in one place. The use of the products enables simple planning along the entire value chain.

In addition, decisions are made based on the same data.

Critical changes

Mould Monitoring makes the entire injection moulding process simple and plannable. Users benefit more from the functions when integrating further services or solutions.

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Your FAQs

Mould management refers to the systematic approach to managing, maintaining and monitoring moulds and tools used in production, particularly in industries such as plastics processing. The aim is to maximize the service life of moulds, increase productivity and ensure the quality of the parts produced by identifying and eliminating potential problems at an early stage.

Mould Management Reviews are systematic reviews of the management, maintenance and operating practices of moulds and tooling within a production environment. These reviews aim to analyze and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire mould management process. By identifying strengths and weaknesses in current practices, companies can take optimization measures to extend the life of their moulds, increase product quality and reduce production costs.

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