Mould Maintenance Management –
the digital maintenance of your injection moulds

Simple and convenient maintenance of your injection moulds

With Mould Maintenance Management, we ensure complete documentation of the maintenance carried out on your injection moulds. We focus on digital checklists and thus eliminate unnecessary Post-Its or other notes.

All information is collected and documented during maintenance of the injection moulds. You can easily track individual steps during and after the process. Evaluate problems and costs and draft instructions for your staff in just a few steps.

The maintenance of the injection moulds is conveniently controlled and monitored from a smartphone, tablet or desktop using the Mould Maintenance Management system. This allows fast adjustments and collection of data that is clean and structured.

Cost efficiency

Reduce costs by performing regular injection mould maintenance, which allows you to use your moulds longer.

High information quality

Keep track of your injection mould maintenance. With Mould Maintenance Management you have all data at a glance – information about the life cycle of a mould is collected and documented for you.

Increased efficiency

Monitor your mould inventory and respond to deviations faster by easily tracking your process steps for injection mould maintenance.

Mould Maintenance Management - your partner for maintaining your injection moulds

To guarantee continuous improvement of production processes and complete traceability, we at Digital Moulds rely on digital quality assurance.
This enables us to provide our customers with the following during the maintenance of their injection moulds:

Mould Maintenance Management ensures a structured and paperless record of their process data.

When maintaining injection moulds, all employees work with a digital platform. Individual roles and approval processes can be defined for all employees. Specific checklists enable users to work together more efficiently.

Important information can be saved directly in the checklist by the respective user. Once documented, it can be easily found again at any time.

Benefit from regular and digitalised injection mould maintenance

With Mould Maintenance Management, relevant information is available to your employees at all times. All maintenance staff are supported in the maintenance of injection moulds by automatic e-mail reminders and the offline processing of checklists.


The complete documentation and the maintenance adapted to it enable sustainable use of moulds


Avoid defects and deviations. With continuous maintenance, you increase the productivity and availability of your moulds.

Long-term cost reduction

Extend the life cycle of your tools through regular maintenance and reduce your costs in the long term.
Bild von Digital Moulds CEO Julian Resch
You want to optimise your injection mould maintenance?
We would be happy to help you with a consulting team.
Dr. Axel Niemeyer
Head of Mould Management at BMW Group
“We don’t want any surprises in the production of our parts. Digital mould management makes the moulds’ contribution to supply security much more transparent.”

Why Digital Moulds is the right partner for the injection mould maintenance.

By using Mould Maintenance Management, you avoid deviations of production-relevant parameters, downtime or outages.

Record errors and defects in a digital error summary list. This enables transparent analyses and a common information source for faster reaction to deviations.

The maintenance of your injection moulding machines is 100% digital. Complete documentation for a complete record of your test reports.

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Stefan Hofmann
CEO Siegfried Hofmann GmbH

“Digitalisation is one of the megatrends of our time. Digital Moulds is a pioneer and trailblazer in that field and provides very good solutions for future digitisation tasks in injection moulding production.”

Your FAQs

Yes, it is important to know the condition of your tools and that you follow a maintenance schedule. All information is collected and documented, and you can easily track individual steps during and after the process.

Yes, you can create as many users as you want. Due to our cloud solution, Mould Maintenance Management is available worldwide without local installation.

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