The picture shows a man who is currently in a digital mould audit framework.

Mould Audit: The Key to Increasing Efficiency & Sustainability

In today’s manufacturing world, ensuring the quality and efficiency of injection moulds is of utmost importance. A well-conducted mould audit is essential here.

But what exactly is a mould audit and why is it that important? This blog post is about mould audits. They can help to improve production and sustainability. Various aspects are described.

Condition Monitoring: The Pulse of Your Tools

Condition monitoring is an essential part of mould audit. By regularly checking the moulds, problems  can be detected and resolved at an early stage to prevent major breakdowns. This does not only save costs, but also increases the service life of your tools.

External Production: Control Despite Distance

Many companies rely on external production sites to save costs or expand capacities. This is where the mould audit plays a decisive role. It ensures that the

always remain at the highest level. Regular audits allow you to ensure that your external partners comply with the defined standards.

Support Instead of Replacement: The Tool Manager

The introduction of digital tools, particularly through IoT, brings a broad range of benefits:

No Replacement

A mould audit is not intended to replace the mould manager, but to support him.

Agile Collaboration

Detailed reports and analyses enable the tool manager to make well-founded decisions and initiate optimization measures.

Optimized Tool Maintenance

This leads to more efficient overall production.

Reduced Travel Times and CO2 Emissions

By using modern technolgy and digital solutions, you can carry out many audits remotely. This reduces the

At the same time, you can carry out audits more frequently and flexibly without incurring travel time and costs.

Transparency and Efficiency

Transparency is another important aspect of a mould audit. Clear and comprehensible reports allow everyone involved – from management to technicians – to view the condition of the moulds at any time. This promotes collaboration and ensures that all measures to improve mould maintenance are based on solid data.

More Time for Useful Audits

  1. Digitalization: The automation and digitalization of many audit processes leaves more time for audits that really make sense.

  2. Solution of complex problems: Instead of spending time on routine tasks, you can concentrate on identifying and solving complex problems.

  3. Higher quality of end products: This change in focus leads to continuous optimization of production processes and higher quality of end products.

Subcontracting and Supplier Assessment

Another important aspect of a mould audit is the evaluation of subcontractors and suppliers. By regularly reviewing the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), you can ensure that your partners meet the required quality and performance standards. The monitoring tool MoMo (Mould Monitoring) offers an effective solution for collecting and analyzing relevant data, resulting in an objective and well-founded supplier evaluation.


A comprehensive mold audit is essential for any company that relies on injection molds. It not only supports the tool manager, but also helps to reduce travel times and CO2 emissions. It also promotes transparency, efficiency and sound supplier evaluation. By focusing on meaningful audits, companies can continuously improve their production processes and make them sustainable.

Digital Moulds provides you with the data and expertise to perform your mould audits efficiently and effectively. Contact us today to find out how we can help you take your production to the next level.