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The idea of Digital Moulds was first discussed in 2015, before the company was founded in 2019. Our injection moulding solution is the product of the experience of the Haidlmair Group as a tool maker and the Bavarian mould manufacturer Siegfried Hofmann.

The Haidlmair and Hofmann groups have high-tech production processes that they have been able to develop as a result of decades of research, development and partnership.

With this practical expertise from mould making and production processes, we have created an excellent injection moulding solution for a digital tool management system.

Mould Monitoring is the answer to the challenges of plastics production. It allows active and comprehensive documentation of the tool during the injection moulding process. Companies thus achieve cost-efficient and environmentally friendly production, no matter which injection moulding solution they choose.

All you need is the right data. Data on mould status such as operation, storage or transport, or on deviating process parameters such as pressure or temperature. Digital Moulds stands for real-time data, seamless documentation and intelligent injection moulding production.

“We are already working with leading injection moulding machine manufacturers to promote automation in this field in particular. Because in the future, the data obtained will be the basis for communication between the participants in the injection moulding process. The tool is the central coordinator that acts as a driver in the process.”

Our vision

The intelligent injection mould as the information base and data hub for the entire production chain – that is what drives us at Digital Moulds.

Our mission for your injection moulding solution




We ensure that data-driven technologies are establishing themselves in the plastics industry. We therefore offer customised and innovative digitalisation solutions for the various injection moulding solutions in the injection moulding and tool making industries.

Qualified data models enable our customers to optimise their processes and produce plastic parts even more efficiently. In this way, we not only create sustainable values, but we also enable sustainable production with positive economic effects.

Our expertise in tool making and injection moulding, as well as our deep understanding of problems, are authentic and create trust.

Honest, realistic and fair behaviour towards our employees, customers and business partners is an intrinsic part of our core values.

The moulding solutions from Digital Moulds are based on a mobile eSIM and not on WLAN. They are therefore completely independent of local infrastructure.

Mould Monitoring is based on a subscription model due to the eSIM cards and the cloud.

The raw data is temporarily stored in the device until the data is securely uplinked to the cloud. The raw sensor value is only assigned to a meaningful characteristic value in the cloud.

The raw data is temporarily stored in the device until the data is securely uplinked to the cloud. The raw sensor value is only assigned to a meaningful characteristic value in the cloud.

The data is transmitted via an encrypted protocol (multi-level security concept in cooperation with TÜV and in accordance with the recommendations of the BSI – Federal Office for Information Security). The certified MS Azure Cloud is used for data storage. Access to the cloud is via an encrypted protocol (https://). In general, we would like to quote a software expert on this topic: “As soon as a company is accessible via the internet, it is no longer automatically more secure than in a certified cloud.”

Real-time is always a matter of definition (how often/fast is the data required?). The transmission interval is adjustable. The calculated characteristic values currently have a delay of 1h. This is necessary to ensure high data quality.