Mould Management in Injection Moulding & Other Sectors for your Applications

Mould management in injection moulding with Digital Moulds is…


We help you reduce rejects through permanent documentation of production parameters.


Seamless real-time documentation simplifies your audits.


We ensure complete mould documentation — worldwide, regardless of where your mould is currently located.

Your benefits with our mould management in injection moulding:

Find the best injection moulding solution for mould management, tailored to your needs!

We specialize in mould monitoring and mould management in injection moulding.

Our team has decades of experience in agile procurement and improved competitiveness. We also have expertise in the following areas and are the right partner for your moulding solutions.


Digital Moulds focuses on a digitally networked supply and value chain as a solution across all tiers. This gives us better control over the constantly growing challenges of automotive OEMs.

This solution creates greater transparency in the flow of information, data exchange, and dependencies along the supply chain.

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In the healthcare industry, you rely on manual data entry. This means you can’t take full advantage of automated processes.

That’s why you need a solution that reduces rising costs due to deficits.

The cloud platform and our dashboard give you access to real-time data on key process conditions.

Consumer goods

The consumer goods industry needs a solution that provides continuous monitoring of production quality and asset management.

With the digital supply chain solution from Digital Moulds, you can break up your company’s silos.

This newfound transparency and connectivity makes it possible not only to react to disruptions, but also to anticipate them.

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Household appliances

When manufacturers of household appliances recall their products due to malfunctions, it affects costs and the company’s reputation.

To prevent this, companies need a solution that guarantees transparency in the production of product parts. By incorporating predictive models, you reduce unplanned production outages.


With us, you control mould management in injection moulding in its holistic planning of the logistics environment.

Make profitable use of detailed information on individual injection-moulded parts from the manufacturing processes of mould management in injection moulding.

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Our software can be used worldwide, also by packaging manufacturers, and provides results in real time.

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