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At Digital Moulds, we use agile development methods to develop our products – we program in state-of-the-art technology stacks.

We can achieve comprehensive documentation of the mould in the injection moulding process with Mould Monitoring in plastics production.

Not only is our headquarter located in the heart of Austria – our home country is also an important factor in the development of our technologies. Our software is exclusively “made in Austria”. Why? – Because we set the highest quality standards in development.

The main focus in the development of our software is on customer benefit.

We are a technology team consisting of product owners, software developers, data specialists and software architects with a stable growth in the development team.

All programming languages, datastores & tools

For the creation and optimisation of our products we rely on





MS SQL Server
und NoSQL


Azure DevOps


MS Teams

Additionally, we apply a coding culture of code reviews, continuous integration, and automated testing.

How we work

At the core of the entire production chain is the intelligent injection mould as the information base and data hub, but only with the best team and the right attitude will it come to life.

Our work is …


In a small team of specialists with many years of experience, everyone can contribute their ideas to produce the best possible product for our customers.


Depending on one's preference, we work from anywhere – the office or from home.


We work in a self-determined and autonomous way.

You can be part of this great team too

Senior Software

We are looking for the earliest possible entry!

Andere Stelle


Andere Stelle


Is your desired position not listed, but you would still like to work on the development of condition monitoring solutions for our customers? – Feel free to contact us at your own initiative:

Office Wien

Stutterheimstraße 16-18
1150 Wien
+43 664 82 50 673