Mould Monitoring –
creating individual solutions with the right condition monitoring system

Optimised supply and value chain with active and comprehensive mould monitoring

Digital Moulds offers its innovative condition monitoring system. It is easy to install and enables active and comprehensive control of injection moulding machines. Thanks to real-time data transmission, it is possible to react quickly to parameter deviations.

Mould Monitoring is installed on the injection mould at an early stage using the plug & play principle. This condition monitoring system enables precise recording of the data from the initial idea to the end of production.

Sustainable plastics production

Longer use of moulds due to improved maintenance

High data quality

Documentation of the entire life cycle of a tool

Cost efficiency

Reduced costs in the long term through regular maintenance

Different versions of Mould Monitoring

The right condition monitoring system allows active and comprehensive control of your tool. The Mould Monitoring software from Digital Moulds is available in two versions. With the flexible upgrade you get additional functions for even easier tool management.


With the Basic functions of Mould Monitoring you achieve high data quality. Deviations are thus identified more quickly throughout the entire supply chain.

The Basic functions at a glance


Upgrading to the Professional functions is quick and easy. With the Professional functions of our condition monitoring system, you achieve a high level of transparency in the value chain. Select any four sensor inputs in addition to the Basic functions.

The Professional functions at a glance

All basic functions plus
Requirements for sensors:
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All relevant mould parameters at a glance with the right condition monitoring system

Condition monitoring systems ensure more planning accuracy, targeted demand and inventory planning and better adherence to delivery times along the entire supply chain. The tool monitoring system helps to achieve these goals with the right parameters.

Tracking & tracing

Locate moulds easily using tracking & tracing

Tool status

Automatically determine tool status for storage, operation and transport


Configure application dashboard according to your requirements


Easily expand functions with the modular software concept

Warning limits

Set warning limits for deviating process parameters


Access to all production-relevant content due to cloud-based software

Condition monitoring systems - The future with the digitally connected value chain, implemented today

A use case from the automotive industry

Many industrial and technology companies are already working intensively on an end-to-end digitally connected supply and value chain with the aim of meeting the constantly growing challenges of an automotive OEM more effectively.

A holistic approach with a focus on the automotive industry was implemented as a prototype at the beginning of 2022. The German-Austrian companies 4zero (100% subsidiary of the P3 Group), Digital Moulds and Tributech were responsible for implementation. A condition monitoring System is to be applied with a view to avoiding bottlenecks and downtimes throughout the entire supply chain of the OEM.


Dominik Lemken, MSc, MBA 
Head of Project Management, Walther Faltsystems GmbH

“With Mould Monitoring we control the status and the parameters regardless of whether the tool is used for in-house production or at a partner company. This provides us with very valuable information.”

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Successful tool management with Mould Monitoring

Mould Monitoring creates more transparency in data exchange. Those responsible across several tiers use the Basic and Professional functions of Digital Moulds for a holistic approach.

With the Mould Monitoring system, they achieve simple planning along the entire value chain.

Condition monitoring systems help you identify and avoid bottlenecks, downtime or production losses more easily. Rejection rates, shortfalls or quality costs can thus be reduced and the quality of the components maximised.

Mould Monitoring therefore provides more

Critical changes are more easily detected with the help of a condition monitoring system. Provision can therefore be made for downtime. In addition to this tracking function, Digital Moulds also offers other products.

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