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Smart up your mould: individual solutions for intelligent injection moulding production. 
Digital Moulds offers its innovative Mould Monitoring system.

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Use Digital Moulds’ technology for detailed analysis and more transparency in tool management.
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The Mould Monitoring software allows active and comprehensive control of tools. Notifications facilitate the planning of tasks.

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With Mould Maintenance Management from Digital Moulds you create digital checklists via your smartphone and document all the maintenance and service data of your tools easily and quickly.
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From the product idea to the end of the life cycle – transparent documentation and visualisation of the entire life cycle of a tool.

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Digital Moulds offers its customers

Individual solutions

We respond to the individual challenges of our customers and develop the right solution together with them.


Transparency is not the only thing we focus on when it comes to inspecting injection moulds. We help companies to make the best decision.

Complete service

With Digital Moulds you get everything from one source. From hardware to software - we offer a complete solution from a mould control system to the documentation of the data.

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Why is Digital Moulds the right partner for you?

Digital Moulds is a subsidiary of the Haidlmair Group and the mould manufacturer Siegfried Hofmann. We specialise in mould monitoring and mould management for injection moulding processes. Our decades of experience and technological know-how in the injection moulding sector make us the ideal partner for you.

Our Mould Monitoring system supports automotive OEMs with mould monitoring and digital mould management in a simple and transparent way. Current notifications about location, operating status or production facilitate planning and work throughout the entire supply and value chain.

For this purpose, the hardware is integrated into the production process at an early stage, based entirely on the plug & play principle. It then transmits all the relevant data.

With the cloud-based software solution Mould Lifecycle Management, the entire life cycle can be transparently documented and visualised. So with MLM all project participants have the same level of knowledge.

We advise and help you to find the optimal solution for your tracking system. From the integration of the hardware in the early production process to the populated database. Digital Moulds is always at your side.

What our customers say about Digital Moulds

Dominik Lemken, MSc, MBA 
Head of Project Management, Walther Faltsystems GmbH

“With Mould Monitoring we control the status and the parameters regardless of whether the tool is used for in-house production or at a partner company. This provides us with very valuable information.”

Dr Axel Niemeyer
Head of Tool Management, BMW Group

“We don’t want any surprises in the production of our parts. The contribution of tools to security of supply is clearly transparent due to digital tool management.”

Mag. (FH) Mario Haidlmair
CEO Haidlmair GmbH

“Injection moulds are actually pretty stupid! In order to drive this “stupidity” out of the moulds, the mould monitoring system Mould Monitoring was developed.”

Stefan Hofmann
CEO Siegfried Hofmann GmbH

“Digitalisation is one of the megatrends of our time. Digital Moulds is a pioneer and trailblazer in that field and provides very good solutions for future digitisation tasks in injection moulding production.”

Image of Digital Moulds CEO Julian Resch

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Image of Digital Moulds CEO Julian Resch

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